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Dateline: Southfield, MI (Category: Media, National Publication, Website Quotations)

Excerpt: Edward Petersmarck, vice president of business development at M&O Marketing in Southfield, Michigan, cautions investors not to confuse fixed annuities with variable annuities. “Variable annuities can involve both a commission and ongoing fees, whereas fixed indexed annuity options can involve commissions but are designed to avoid additional management costs,” he says. See More

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Dateline: New York, NY (Category: Media, Website Quotations)

Excerpt: Take advantage if your employer offers a flexible spending account, or you have a high-deductible health insurance plan that allows you to contribute to a health savings account.

Such accounts allow employees to set aside tax-free dollars from paychecks to pay for specific medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance, said Edward Petersmarck, director of practice development at M&O Marketing in Southfield, Mich., a marketing company for insurers. “These accounts can help cover things like eye surgeries to dental problems and can be used to cover expensive copays or deductibles,” he said. More Here

Dateline: USA (Category: Media)

Excerpt: A mixed tech-and-old-school approach makes sense to Edward Petersmarck, a sales coach with M&O Marketing in Southfield, Mich.

“In our industry, the most successful marketing campaigns involve the right mix of relevant social media, advisor-authored books on industry-specific topics, placements in both local and national publications, and features on your local and national television programs,” according to Petersmarck.”  Read More.

Dateline: New York, NY (Category: Media)

Excerpt: Edward Petersmarck, national sales consultant with M&O Marketing, was kind enough to break the process down in an example (in this case, someone buying a twenty-year term): “The life insurance actuaries determine the cost of insurance for each of the twenty years in the term based on the insured’s age, gender, medical history, lifestyle risk factors and his mortality experience. The annual premium costs per year are then added together and then divided by twenty. That average cost is due as premium for each of the twenty years to keep the $100,000 death benefit in force.”  Read More.

Dateline: New York, NY (Category: Media)

Excerpt: Still, it’s often a flawed that mindset that keeps middle-aged workers from prioritizing retirement. “People in their 30s and 40s associate saving money with sacrifice,” said Edward Petersmarck, insurance and financial services sales director for M&O Marketing. “There’s no investment strategy that can protect you from that mindset.” For many middle-aged clients, adopting better savings habits is a matter of getting over that mental hurdle and recognizing the long-term rewards – and necessity – of paying themselves first. Read More.

Dateline: Norwalk, CT (Category: Media)

Excerpt: A high credit score can be used as leverage when negotiating terms with lenders, which can add up to significant savings for major purchases,” says Edward Petersmarck, national sales director at M&O MarketingRead More.

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